Terms & Conditions

Your usage of the Walker Bay Shop UK website is subject to these terms and also the Privacy Policy.

Free shipping coupon

As of the writing of this document, Walker Bay Shop UK is currently offering a promotional deal that entitles customers to free shipping on their second order after having given a review on the items of their first order. An email will be sent several days after a first order which includes instructions on how to post a review. After a review is posted, the free shipping coupon code is revealed. You will need to be logged in to the account that was used to place the first order in order to leave your review and claim your coupon.

This promotional offer is only valid when all of the following criteria are met:

  1. After a review has been posted on your first order,
  2. Free shipping coupon is provided for your second order,
  3. The second order’s delivery address must be within the mainland United Kingdom.

Please note that if the coupon is used in a situation where it is not valid, the order may need to be cancelled and refunded.

Shipping of very large items internationally

We may not be able to ship some orders to some delivery addresses outside of the United Kingdom if those orders contain items that are very physically large.

When you provide us with your delivery address, we calculate if we can ship your items to your postal address.

Please note that if we are unable to ship to a postal address but our systems did not prevent the order from being placed, the order may need to be cancelled and refunded.

Agreement to these terms & conditions

You must agree with this document and the Privacy Policy when you place an order with us. A section where you must state your agreement is provided for you as part of our checkout process.